VOIP Telephony with Asterisk and FreePBX
VOIP with Asterisk and FreePBX

Open source. There, we said it. It's long been ridiculed by the big proprietary technology companies and their evangelists, all the while it just keeps on performing for what is typically a fraction of the cost of those same systems. How the tide has turned. Even Microsoft has seen the advantages of embracing the open source philosophy, albeit, most likely, with what we'll just say is somewhat lacking in alacrity. Still, a win is a win, and we think the move has proven to be a win for everyone. It would not have come to pass, however, if not for a few champions of the open source paradigm. One such champion is Asterisk VOIP telephony. Combined with FreePBX, this open source telephony has, for over 20 years, not only proven itself worthy, but is downloaded up to 2 million times anually. Those are impressive numbers, to be sure, but almost as impressive is that the cost is a small fraction of what the proprietary systems will cost. As a budding enterprise, costs must be managed, but not at the expense of quality and availability. An Asterisk and FreePBX VOIP telephony system suits those needs perfectly. Costs are kept to a minimum and quality is not sacrificed. Additionally, it possesses an intuitive GUI that allows for implementation of a new system in very little time.