In every organization, regardless of size, there are certain tasks that need to be done, but don't necessarily require much more than some compulsory button pushes, at certain times, by an employee that would rather be doing something more productive with their time. There is a solution to this stultifying and mindless repetition: RPA. Robotic Process Automation allows for the scripting of these tedious tasks and the orchestration of the timing and frequency in which they are run. This has the potential of freeing up hours of the day for your employees to engage in tasks that require more of them, and encourage their conscious involvment. Not only does this increase production and improve morale, but it also eliminates those mistakes that come from humans carrying out repetitive tasks. In our experience, UIPath has proven to be an intuitive and rapidly implementable solution to ameliorate these concerns. The flexbiltiy of this software allows for automation for everything from web-scraping to complex spreadsheet manipulation, and also provides for the incorporation of additional, bespoke scripts and applications written in Python or C#, or whatever your language of choice happens to be. Finally, these automations can be created to run in either a managed or unmanaged mode.