ETL/ELT Pipelines with Python
Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services Python Pandas MySql MongoDB

For as often as data migration occurs from one proprietary system to another one would think that it would, at this point, be standardized. Well, one would be wrong, wouldn't they? The fact of the matter is that this process is done and redone too many times to count, and often within the same organization. While this keeps folks like us in businesss, it needn't be the case. We pride ourselves on creating ETL/ELT solutions that make this process as simple as setting a source file type and establishing some mappings. We have experience working with numerous data sources, including databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Postgres, MySql and Mongo, and flat file represenations such as Excel, CSV, JSON, and XML. By fabricating a custom ETL/ELT pipeline, any number of disparate sources can be incorporated into one congruous pipeline, providing a seemless and effective data migration strategy, either on premises or in the cloud. We accomplish this feat of technical jiutitsu with the use of Python and the Pandas. In this way, our solutions are open source and based on current Data Science and Data Engineering best practices. Call us to set up a free consultation to discuss how we can help you implement one of these data migration solutions.