ME(R|A|V)N Open Source Web Stack  (coming soon)
MongoDB MySql ExpressJS ReactJS Angular NodeJS

The newest of the open source web app kids on the block, and by far the one with the most permutations of technologies, ME(A|R|V)N has comported itself quite well over the last several years and proven that it has a resilience not often realized in the JavaScript framework space. I mean does anyone use Knockout anymore? In fact the argument could be made, here, too, that the part of this equation that gives it such credibility, where others have failed, is NodeJS, and although it is perfectly acceptable to use Nginx, the idea of keeping everything in one language usually becomes too convenient to pass up. Regardless, however, of which server you choose, or which datbase, MongoDB or MySql, or which client framework, React, Angular, or Vue, the ME*N stack has proven to be a worthy competitor to the larger, and typically much more expensive, proprietary web development strategies. We are partial to MERN, but remain flexible and open to the particular strengths and needs of your organization.