Bespoke BI Dashboards and Reporting
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Big Data is all the rage these days. Our interpretation of this is that of focusing on the finger and missing the moon. All the data in the world is of little value if it can't be converted into information, knowledge, and, when fully actualized, wisdom. We need less emphasis on big data and more on big wisdom. What gets us there is, as banal as it sounds, reporting and analysis. Far too many companies focus too much on the acquisition of data and too little on it's manipulation into something of real value. It is far more advantageous for an organization to have 10 data points that it thoroughly apprehends than 100 that it doesn't. We facilitate this process with business intelligence using customized dashboards and reports that exhibit domain relevance and aethetic appeal; because who wants to look at monochrome grids all day? Two of our favorites are Power BI and Telerik Reporting, as both have proven to enterprise-ready and easily maintained by support staff.