Few elements are as important to keeping your business operations running smoothly, and keeping your customers engaged, as communications; both internal and external. For most comanies, web redundancy is a given, so a loss of web presence seldom gets noticed. Having your phone system go down, however, and business stops. Sales and Marketing, and Customer Support gridning to a halt has quantitative consequences. To prevent this scenario, many opt to go with one of the big proprietary telephony systems. While we don't fault anyone for choosing this route, it simply isn't for everyone.

What we offer instead is an open source option that has a proven track record but is much more affordable for any new or small to mid-sized business. This option offers all of the features, compromising nothing, while keeping costs manageable.

  • VOIP Telephony with Asterisk and FreePBX.

    VOIP Telephony with Asterisk and FreePBX

    Open source. There, we said it. It's long been ridiculed by the big proprietary technology companies and their evangelists, all the while it just keeps on performing for what is typically a fraction...