Aesthetics matter. Often the difference between to competitive products when determining which one will win out, comes down to visual appeal. It's often not only the first thing that gets noticed, but also the last. No amount of cleverly written code, nor impeccable logic, will ever be able to compete for a customer's attention like an elegantly designed and visually appealing interface. It is also important to realize that these interfaces extend well beyond that of the realm of computing. A sign on a billboard or a storefront window's lettering is, in those paradigms, your interface with your prospective customer. Those that realize this, and acknowledge that aesthetics are not a triviality, are more often than not the ones that succeed; and sometimes with an inferior product.

URSA-dev has more than 30 years of graphic design experience across virtually all forms of media. In addition, we have a thorough understanding of the psychology involved when attempting to catch your potential customers' eyes.

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    SEO used to be pretty simple. Now it has become a game of cat and mouse, whereby the proprietors of the search engines are constantly trying to stay ahead of the would-be optimizers. Staying current...